Setting a Higher Standard in the Lakes Region

What does it mean to strive for a higher standard? For Jason E. Starr, it’s approaching each day determined to achieve more than the day before, whether pursuing his favorite pastimes or helping his clients realize their goals.

Don't take our word for it. Here is what a few recent clients have to say about working with e-Starr Realty.

jason and daughter
Jason loves connecting with the natural beauty of the Lakes Region, especially hiking with his daughter, Jasmyn.

There’s nothing more important to Jason E. Starr than integrity. Defined as “steadfastly adhering to professional standards,” integrity is the integral element to the way this dynamic businessman approaches life. Quite simply, Jason adheres to a higher standard in everything he does.

High Expectations

Jason learned at an early age the importance of setting his goals high and putting in the necessary effort, commitment and determination to realize them. It’s an approach that has been the driving force behind all his successes in life. As a college basketball player, Jason practiced every day to improve his skills and set a school record for assists. As a construction worker, he started at the bottom, but over a 15-year span he worked his way up to Superintendent in charge of overseeing multi-million dollar projects.

A Pattern of Success

The pattern repeated itself during the time Jason ran his own transportation business. From his personal life to his professional career, Jason holds high expectations for himself and what he can accomplish and never settles for anything less than his best effort. Whether he was running his own business or when he is working his hardest to help others succeed, Jason believes that integrity and honor are standards that should never be sacrificed.

When you work with Jason, you’ll discover that his business experience and knowledge of the local market is a proven combination for success no matter what your real estate goals.

A Higher Quality of Life

While Jason never tires from pushing the standards of excellence in his professional career, he understands the importance of maintaining balance in his life. He enjoys spending his free time with his daughter, Jasmyn, and taking her to the mountains to go hiking or skiing in the winter. Jason loves the outdoors and for him the majestic natural beauty of the Lakes Region is only equaled by the quality of the lifestyle.

Setting the Standard

A common thread for Jason throughout his professional career has been setting a higher standard for himself and doing everything he can to achieve his goals. He never settled for anything less than top quality work in his business and approaches his career in real estate with the same determination to achieve a higher standard of excellence. Jason understands how much is at stake when his clients are making decisions regarding as big an investment as a home. He sets the bar high and exhausts every option at his disposal until he has exceeded their expectations.

A Higher Standard

With a strong knowledge of the Lakes Region, Jason is taking his clients to new heights of success. By putting all the right elements in place and focusing on every aspect of your home purchase or sale, Jason will help you make your next move the best yet. Most of all, Jason constantly strives to provide A Higher Standard of service. That’s why he is the right professional to help you make the most of your real estate opportunities. Call him today!